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Wall Paper Mould Remediation

Q. I live in a double wide trailer in Georgia.  The trailer is on a permanent foundation and set-up just like a house.  We have redone all 3 bathrooms (put in house sinks, commodes, etc), the kitchen has been replaced (new cabinets, flooring, etc), we just put on a metal roof, vinyl windows and vinyl siding.  Throughout all this, I have room by room been wallpapering the house.  I began about 4 years ago in the living room...about a year ago I did the master bath.  Well, I noticed a blue looking "leaking"  come through the paper.  I called Home Depot out to look at it as I thought it was a wallpaper defect (in two rooms?)....they had no explanation.  A few weeks ago, I pulled down the wallpaper in the L.R.  and found mould!?!  That is what was causing the blue leakage.  It was even in places that didn't have the blue seeping through.  I cleaned the walls w/ bleach water and put on Kilz w/ Mildew protection and re wallpapered.  I will be doing the same in the bathroom.  We had a leaky roof that was just replaced (there was no explanation as to why it was leaking) w/ a metal roof, we will be putting up gutters in the next year.  What caused the Mould behind the wallpaper when there was none on the wall when I put the paper up? We have done various work around the house throughout and never saw any mould until the wall paper incident...what can we do to prevent this from happening again, and how will I know if there is mould behind my other wall papers (if it isn't showing through)?  Will we still breath it in even if it is under the paper?  What do you recommend we do (we have spend all our money on the repairs)?

A. Mould loves to hide and to grow behind  and inside wall paper. Mould eats the drywall or other surface behind the wall paper, the glue that holds the wall paper to the wall, and the wall paper itself. There are mould spores everywhere in your home and everywhere outside. Airborne mould spores from outdoors enter your home through open windows and doors. What causes a problem for you is one of the following problems: (1) too many mould spores coming into the house because you live too close to many plants, trees, woods, etc.; and (2) if those mould spores have a moisture source inside your home to enable the mould to reproduce and to grow as it eats organic, cellulose materials like drywall, wall paper, wood, etc. The roof leaks your home has experienced are one obvious source of the water for past mould growth. Second, by living in Georgia, you live in an area that has a naturally high level of humidity. If the indoor humidity exceeds 60 percent some or all of the year, the high humidity is all the moisture that is necessary for mould to grow on your personal effects, in and on walls, ceilings, etc. You may need to place into your home one or more dehumidifiers which are programmed to keep running until a targeted humidity level [such as mould safe 30 to 40% humidity] is achieved.

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